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When it comes to luxury travel, one mistake that people often make when booking their travel is not considering how much space they actually need for the passengers and luggage. Just because a luxury sedan can comfortably seat three people, does not mean it can also accommodate their entire luggage. The following are some of the things to consider when choosing a limo service Toronto that is adequately spacious for your trip especially when travelling with a lot of luggage.

The Luxury Sedan

Luxury sedans are designed to comfortably carry three passengers or less. When it comes to selecting a limo service, it would be ideal to reserve a sedan for one or two passengers max. Working with one or two passengers ensures that everyone has enough legroom. When travelling as a couple with shared luggage, the trunk would be suitable for luggage for two people.

SUV Limo


SUVs are a much better option for transportation of three passengers with a lot of luggage although most SUVs can seat up to six people. SUVs have very roomy trunks that can hold up to three large travel bags. This is the best way to guarantee that you will not have any luggage worries during the pickup.

Executive Vans

Executive vans are great options for limos Toronto when travelling in groups of up to ten people. When choosing any limo, it is usually advisable to choose a vehicle with at least one or two extra sitting spaces from the total number of passengers in the group. The extra space is crucial since you are never really sure how comfortable the team will be until they are actually all inside the vehicle. Luxury vans can even seat up to 11 people with more high-end interior detail.

Limo Bus

When travelling in large groups of up to 15 people, you should choose the limo bus for your limo taxi Toronto. Limo buses contain plenty of amenities to entertain passengers during the trip such as projection TVs, privacy curtains and so on. For a large group with luggage, a limo bus is a roomy choice that ensures everybody can travel together. Choosing a larger vehicle not only holds more space but also reduces the total cost of the service since you do not have to hire multiple vehicles.

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