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When you envision limousine service, chances are you think of weddings, proms or some other sort of special red carpet gala.

But the truth is, a limo rental is a great way to make any evening, event or celebration a special and memorable one.

Perhaps you are planning a girls’ night out in Toronto, or maybe you’re looking to surprise that special someone with a very romantic date. Whatever the occasion, we can help to bring your evening to the next level.

Not only will you arrive at your destination in style and comfort, but our fully licensed and professional drivers will make you feel like royalty!

A Limo for Any Occasion

Comfort, Style and Safety

Limo service helps to take the stress out of your evening. No need to worry about directions and parking in the GTA. Simply let your driver know the address that your party would like to go, and they’ll ensure that you reach your destination in comfort.

Our fleet consists of comfortable and stylish late model vehicles that are well maintained in order to help make your evening a pleasant one.

A Simpler Occasion

Of course Majestic’s rental services are not only for grand occasions. Perhaps you simply need a ride to the airport or to an important business meeting and you don’t want to have to worry about navigating the freeways or having to find parking.

If you’re visiting Toronto from somewhere else, it can be a big relief to have one of our professional drivers take you where you need to go rather than drive unfamiliar streets or try to figure out the public transportation system.

An extravagant night out

Majestic fleet vehicles are the very picture of luxury. Just imagine how you would feel dressing up for that special evening and riding with your friends and family to an elegant restaurant, a trendy concert or the latest theatrical production.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of being dropped off and picked up at the door. And though you might not admit it, you’ll also enjoy the looks and stares from bystanders wondering if a celebrity is behind that tinted glass.

Vehicles for Groups of All Sizes

Whether you’d like to rent a vintage Bentley for the bride and groom, a sedan to bring you to the airport, a stretched limo for a special celebration or the ultimate party bus that will make you and your friends feel like rock stars, we can accommodate groups both small and large.

Amenities vary depending on the vehicle and your specific needs, so if you have any specific requests be sure to let us know ahead of time.

The right vehicle for you

With the many modes of transportation (including other limousine rental service) in Toronto, you may be wondering why to choose Majestic.

The answer is simple.

We’ve been serving customers in the GTA and surrounding communities for over ten years. Our fleet is diverse and well maintained and our service simply can’t be beat. Call us today to discuss your limo rental needs.

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