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We’ll Help Make Your Prom Special

In many ways, your teen’s prom is their first truly big celebration. Sure, they may have had some pretty nice birthday parties, and attended extravagant family weddings and so forth, but a prom is a rite of passage for teens in Toronto. Why not make their evening even more special with limousine service rental from Majestic.

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The modern prom

Gone are the days when proms are held in the school gymnasium. Today, these events are held in banquet halls and other first class venues. Many kids put a lot of thought in effort into what they will wear, how they will have their hair done – and yes, even how they will get there.

Often, they are at an age where they don’t want their parents to drive them – but they don’t yet have their full driver’s licence. Even if they do have their full license, they probably don’t have much experience driving yet, and parents are rightly concerned for their safety.

Why limo service makes sense for prom

As parent, your number one concern for your child on prom night is their safety. But safety probably isn’t rating very high on their radar. They are more concerned with who they are going to go with and what they are going to wear. Mostly, they are probably concerned with looking good and impressing their friends.

By hiring a limo for your child’s prom – both your concerns and theirs are addressed. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they have a mature and safe driver transporting them between locations, and they’ll be happy to ride around with their friends in such a stylish vehicle.

It’s great when kids can attend an important event like prom and feel like celebrities in the process.

More affordable than you think

One of the biggest objections that most people have to getting limo service for prom night is that they think it is going to be too expensive.

What you have to remember however, is that many teens like to travel in packs. Renting a larger vehicle and letting everyone share the cost, is one way to make the service more affordable. At Majestic, we have vehicles that can accommodate up to 25 people and we always provide the most competitive rates possible.

Make prom night a Majestic night

Your son’s or daughter’s prom should be a special occasion as well as a safe one. So why not trust the professionals from Majestic Limousine service to get them safely to and from their Toronto venue.

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Our vehicles and drivers

Your teens will want to be seen pulling up to their prom venue in one of our vehicles. Imagine how they will feel stepping out of a stretched Hummer or SUV in front of their teachers and friends. Our fleet is comprised of late model vehicles, all of which are kept very clean and well-maintained.

Our drivers are safe and fully licensed. They are experienced in chauffeuring young people and will relate well to your son or daughter – while keeping their safe transport in mind as their top priority.