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A simple beginning

A history of limousine servicesWhen the limousine was first developed in the early 1900s, it was designed as a covered passenger compartment that could fit 3 to 5 people with the driver sitting in an open seat up front. The first stretch limo was created in 1928 and since then there have been many different types of limos available for the super rich and powerful as well as the average guy looking for a touch of class for a special occasion.

While Cadillac, Packard and Lincoln were the most common names in early production limo designs, the field has grown significantly. Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus and Hummer bodies are also commonly converted into limos with other novelty models created out of VWs, Corvettes, Ferraris and a variety of other unusual choices.

More than a stretch

Limos come in all shapes and sizes and that’s where the fun begins. More than a luxury car to transport a rich, famous or important person or two, stretch limos were designed to carry groups of people – at least 6 to 10. Today, however, limos have been designed for much more than simple transportation. Extreme limos provide transportation and a good time in unique and sometimes amazing ways.

  • The Bumblebee Transformer from Avolar Limo in LA, California, looks like something off the set of the Transformer movies.  With seating for 12, this Camaro based limo features lasers, mirrored ceiling panels, a full bar and complete fiberoptic media hookup.
  • A hot red Ferrari F1 360 with gullwing doors can seat 6 in the back along with a driver and passenger up front. With 400 hp under the hood, this limo by Prestige in England can get you where you want to go not only in style but with plenty of speed.
  • A Lamborghini stretch limo which will seat up to 7 passengers but move with an extra push from the 700-hp V12 engine is in the design stage from Cars for Stars. Along with power and speed, luxury items will include an L-shaped couch, plasma TVs and a champagne bar if the price tag allows the idea to go into production.
  • For enthusiasts of a hard ride, Monster Limo of Arizona has converted a 250-hp Monster Truck that they will even custom paint in the colors of your choice.
  • Midnight Rider out of California is a semi truck with 435-hp and 460 square feet of party space that comfortably transports 40 passengers for an on the road experience. Three separate lounges come complete with a surround sound system for pumped up excitement.
  • An even more heavy duty experience can be found in one of the 30 available tanks from Tanks-a-Lot in the U.K. for fun and excitement on London streets. One of these tanks has been comfortably outfitted to seat 8 passengers and offers neon tube lighting, a diesel powered heater and even a Jacuzzi.

This is certainly not a complete list of the extreme limos that are available around the world but it gives you the idea that creativity is a driving force behind providing unusual transportation for all kinds of people.

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