It’s a Boat, It’s a Plane – No, It’s a Limo!

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Since the first chariot was built, someone has been trying to one-up it. Today, the market for unique and downright crazy limos is filling up with some strange vehicles that actually move on public roadways.

Limos are not just luxury cars

Most people think of Cadillacs, Lincolns, Hummers and maybe a few other car makes when the word Limo comes up. That is no longer the case now that creativity and deep pockets call for new and crazy designs.

  • The Batmobile from the 1989 – 1992 movie series has been turned into stretch limo reportedly for the cost of over $4 million. Looking exactly like the movie vehicle, the Batmobile Limousine that has been seen around Gotham (New York City) has the front turbine engine, dual rear exhausts, wing-like back fins and even includes rocket and missile launchers and ejecting front and rear wheels.
  • The Boeing 727 Jet Limousine is an actual jet body over the top of a Mercedes bus and is completely street legal. This limo is 53 feet long, can seat 50 passengers and offers amenities such as a big screen TV, laser and strobe lighting for all sorts of visual effects, ceiling mirrors, a fog machine, a full bar and first class bench seating. Boarding the limo is just like boarding a plane with the built-in steps lowered from the fuselage.
  • The Pirate Ship Limo, designed to look like the real thing right down to the maiden as a bow sprit, does not float but provides transportation to those a little too long in their drinks. With over 193,000 land miles, this limo has handled its share of landlubbers!
  • The Grand Prix Limousine is the world’s fastest street legal ride with 400-hp and speeds of up to 300 mph – not that that’s legal anywhere except on track runs! Six passengers can enjoy the ride behind the driver in this Indy style car created by Michael Pettipas that features the classic big front wing, smooth bodywork and high rear wing of the ‘real deal’.
  • The American Dream is a limo in a class all its own. Slightly less costly than the Batmobile Limousine at $4 million, The American Dream contains everything your average mansion has, all on 26 wheels. At 100 feet long, you can relax in the Jacuzzi or on the sun deck, swim in the pool or nap in one of the king size beds and even have friends drop in for a visit on the helicopter landing pad.
  • Similar to the tank limos available in England, Florida and Las Vegas have their own Vault – an Armored Car Limo. Complete with strobe and neon lighting, a full bar and plenty of other amenities to satisfy 28 people, this limo is completely bullet and explosion proof offering external security while the party goes on.

The idea of luxury has taken on new meanings when it comes to finding the perfect transportation to suit your personality and pocket book.

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