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You have probably heard about the 20% tipping rule for restaurants. But what about your limousine driver who has just taken you on a blissful limo ride around the city? Riding in a limo service Toronto is a great way to enjoy a luxury evening or weekend with close family and friends. At the end of the enjoyable ride when you limo drops you off at your destination; the main question that remains is how much should you tip the driver for their service. Sometimes the tip may be included in the contract prices of the lime ride, you should check with the company while booking your ride. However, the standard for a limo service is usually to tip the driver 15% of the net charge of the service.

Limousine Driver Tipping Culture

Customer Service Industry

Understanding how the industry works is good way to start learning why tipping and the amount are important to your limo driver. Limo drivers are in the customer service industry and it takes a lot of patience, punctuality and attention to detail to work successfully. Driving is just part of the work in limos Toronto; they also spend a lot of time accommodating the clients they transport to various venues and meeting important deadlines for pick up and drop off. They also have to be knowledgeable about traffic conditions, the best alternatives routes to use and have great scheduling skills to ensure they cater to every client including those with special needs.

Limo Driver Salary

The average salary for a limo driver is roughly $35,000 per year, although this may vary according to location and other factors. They make an average of about $11.51 per hour. Limo drivers have to supplement their salaries using tips. With the state of the economy today, even other professionals in other industries also have the common practice of finding ways of supplementing their income.

Tipping a Limo Driver

You can also slip your limo driver a little something at the beginning of the ride in case you have any special requests during the ride. Special requests may include extra stops, helping out with luggage or wheelchairs, getting a cup of coffee or a newspaper during your ride. Limo drivers can find the most creative ways to make your ride more fun and interesting. If you treat your limo driver well, they can even make your ride extra special by taking a more scenic route of your drive to your destination. Just remember that the limo taxi Toronto companies do not usually turn over the full amount of the tip paid in contract to the driver, so you can do your driver a solid by giving them a tip.

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