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A wise traveler once said “Make the trip part of the fun!” and that’s exactly what people are doing now when they hire party busses to transport groups of people to events. A special type of limousine, a party bus is designed to carry as many as 45 people while providing space and amenities for enjoying the ride.

What is a party bus?

A short answer to this question is that a party bus is a rolling club. Of course there are many different options but the basics are the same – comfortable seating, room to move around, a great sound system and lighting effects and, of course, a bar. Some even come equipped with dance poles! Depending on the original vehicle that has been converted, party busses can accommodate as few as 10 people and as many as 45. There are also double-decker party busses that have two separate dance floors along with club-like lighting, sound and seating. In many cases, they never actually stop anywhere – the ride is the party.

And there is even more!

Party busses are a lot of fun and save many headaches for the passengers. But there are those occasions when something even more elaborate is called for.

  • Jacuzzi Limos – For a real party ride, a convertible limo with a Jacuzzi tub or whirlpool is a special treat. Enjoying a few drinks responsibly while soaking in the water is a lot of fun and makes memories that should last forever. (Common sense should always be considered when mixing hot water and cold drinks and pregnant women should not take part.)
  • Old Time Trolleys – For a less club-like atmosphere, old fashioned trolley cars that have been converted to party busses offer a nostalgic twist to any event. Comfortable bench seating, air conditioning and heat and complete sound systems, flat screen TVs and lighting effects provide plenty of fun and some models even come equipped with a fireplace to add an element of coziness to any party transportation.
  • Themed party trucks – A new addition to the party bus service is themed trucks that travel to your site for specific party activities. Arcade type games and other activities are part of the fun, even if there is no travel involved.
  • Special designs – As more and more body shops and car enthusiasts get involved in creating the ultimate party ride, vehicles such as tanks, armored cars and even busses covered with airplane fuselages are turning fantasy transportation into reality.

What to look out for

If you are considering hiring any of these types of party busses, it is important to keep a few details in mind to ensure your complete comfort and safety. You should always deal with reputable companies that can demonstrate proof of insurance and licensure as well as mechanical soundness. The driver also needs to be fully trained and appropriately licensed and all transactions should be in writing so all policies are clear.

Having a party is a lot of fun and choosing a party bus is a great idea for letting people enjoy themselves without worrying about driving, parking and getting home.

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