The Push to make Limousines more Eco-Friendly

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There are many different ways that people can try to be more responsible with the environment and limousine services are part of the movement, as unlikely as that may sound.

The anti-pollution movement

Everyone knows that automobile emissions play a large role in the deterioration of the atmosphere with such problems as global warming and damage to the ozone layer. Many steps have been taken by the government, car manufacturers and the public to change things for the better. With all vehicles becoming more fuel efficient, it is hard to think of other ways that limousines can join in the fight to reduce pollution.

The Stars set the trend

In 2003, Prius became a household word when some of the leading Hollywood celebrities arrived at the Oscars. Instead of using the traditional gas guzzling limos, 10 celebrities chose to make a statement about saving the environment and began the trend of environmental awareness even in elegant circumstances.

How to make eco-friendly limos

There is more to being truly eco-friendly than simply improving gas mileage. Some companies like Audi have incorporated aluminum in the bodies of their vehicles and even in the frames to reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption. Big names like Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes are getting on board with the idea and will be rolling out aluminum frame models within the next few years.

Different types of engines and fuels are other ways manufacturers are approaching the question of how to become more eco-friendly.

  • Hybrid engines combine electric and gas power to run vehicles. The battery boosts the performance of the engine to improve MPG and can even run the extras in the vehicle like lights, electronics, sound systems and TVs when the engine is shut off.
  • Cleaner fuels that increase MPG, burn with fewer emissions and are sustainable are becoming much more common.
    • Bio Diesel fuels are made from vegetable products like corn and even recycled fast-food fryer oil that have been converted into fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). This fuel can be used by itself or combined with petroleum diesel fuel. The bio diesel fuel not only has fewer emissions, it is less toxic and safer to handle as well as being bio-degradable.
    • Ethanol is also made from plant materials and is already an additive in most brands of gasoline. Ethanol E85 is a high level blend and is currently used in flex-fuel vehicles and E15 will be available for use in newer vehicles as an even more efficient blend.
    • Liquefied petroleum gas burns cleaner than both regular gasoline and diesel fuel since it has a lower carbon content.
    • Compressed natural gas emits even fewer greenhouse gasses than the other petroleum based fuels and it is safer to use.

Unusual names in the limo market

Prius and Chevy Tahoe have already developed stretch limos to capitalize on their hybrid technology and Nissan has the first all electric limo that seats up to 8 passengers and can travel almost 100 miles on a single charge. With names like this in the limo market, it won’t be long before others join the movement.

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