Wedding Limo Mistakes to Avoid if You Want Your Special Day to be Perfect

Since your wedding is going to be the most important event of your life, Wedding Limo Types Torontoyou will want to get there in style. Make it a memorable experience with your friends and family as well, by sending a limo their way. Whether you’re arranging for your guests to get transportation from the airport or the hotel, companies such as Majestic Limousine services in Toronto offer a wide range of wedding limo types to choose from. The fleet includes vehicles that vary in size, capacity, and style.

Popular types of cars include:

  • Vintage Car – For a wedding with a traditional theme, there’s nothing like arriving in an old-fashioned car. This vehicle can hold up to four people. Whether you want a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley, vintage limos have all of the modern amenities you need for a comfortable ride.
  • Lincoln Town Car – Need a classic car with more room? A Lincoln town car stretch can hold anywhere from six to ten passengers, depending on the model. This is the limo of choice for the rich and famous. It’s usually the first car that comes to mind whenever somebody hears the word “limousine”. For a wedding, it’s ideal to go with a sleek, white stretch car with leather seats and all of the luxuries you could ask for. Amenities range from a personal bar to a climate control system.
  • Ford Expedition Limo – The Ford Expedition limousine is large, white, and built for comfort. It can hold twelve to fourteen people. If you want plenty of extra room to relax, the Ford Expedition is a good choice.
  • Lincoln Navigator – Need something slightly bigger? The Lincoln Navigator can easily hold fourteen passengers. It offers all of the special amenities and features as the luxury town car: a surround sound system, special lights, command center console, etc.
  • Hummer Limo – For a modern wedding, bring the family and friends along in a white SUV with several tinted windows. Hummer limousines can seat up to twenty passengers. They come equipped with bright neon lights, a large bar, mirrored ceilings, and spacious seating.
  • Bus Party Limo – If you want everybody together in one vehicle, you can always go with a bus party limo. There are three sizes available, with capacities ranging from 25 – 50. When a lot of people think of “limousine”, a bus usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, these party buses are great choices for weddings. They are heavily customized to suit your interests, with amenities such as a full bar, disco lights, high-tech sound system, etc. You can even hold your Bachelor or Bachelorette party on one of these luxury buses!

Selecting Your Wedding Limousine(s)

If you’re unsure of which vehicle(s) you need for your wedding, ask a company like Majestic Limousine for some information and photos. Make sure you choose the right company that takes good care of its fleet and always offers the latest models.

There are thousands of weddings in Toronto every year. If you want yours to be the best, you need to make sure you choose the right wedding limo types for you and your guests.

  • Luxury
  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Technolgy
  • Size
  • Party